What will happen during sessions?

Depending on the areas of concern your psychologist will advise as to what the sessions will look like. The type of session is likely to involve one/more of:
Individual therapy (child and psychologist - with or without parent present depending on age child)
Parent education (parent and psychologist)
Joint therapy (child, parent and psychologist - teaching how to work with your child to encourage skill development)
The content of session will vary depending on what areas that you or your child needs to work on. Sessions can include assessment (questionnaires, interview, observation) or therapy with activities such as play, role-play, use of visual aides, computer based activities, drawing, education sessions for parents via discussion, reflection on materials. Your child may also receive recommendations for implementation at home or school - it is important that you ensure that this is happening and review regularly with psychologist to maximise the outcomes.
Please take a moment to read through the 'APS Charter of Psychologists'. This document outlines the guidelines of which all psychologists registered with the Australian Psychological Society must abide. It is important that you understand these and please ask your psychologist if you have any questions.