Types of therapy
Kidthink Psychology aims to provide a flexible approach to psychology services. Once you have discussed your needs with your psychologist, they will create an individualised plan that will outline the type of therapy and the approach that will be used during sessions. If you have any queries about your child's plan, please discuss this with your psychologist.

Individual Therapy
Your child may benefit from having sessions individually with the psychologist. In some cases, individual therapy can maximise the benefits of a particular approach, or may be more appropriate when dealing with sensitive issues. Depending on the child's age and particular needs, parents can be present in the room during individual therapy sessions.
Group Therapy
Kidthink groups are run dependent on numbers and to respond to particular needs of families already accessing psychology support. Some common aspects of group work that are helpful include being able to practice skills with peers, increasing awareness in the child that they are 'not the only one' experiencing difficulties, or building relationships with peers that have shared experiences.

Home or School visits
Kidthink Psychology is able to arrange visits by negotiation with families already accessing psychological support. This would normally be for specific reasons such as observation of behaviour or to attend meetings with school staff, however if you wish to find out more about this option please discuss with your psychologist.

Kidthink Psychology provides education around various areas to a number of organisations and educational settings. Areas presented at workshops can include: