Medicare Rebates
Helping Children with Autism Initiative - You will require a referral from a Paediatrician, your child may be eligible for up to 20 rebates on sessions. This package applies up to the age of 15 if the plan was instigated by the Paediatrician prior to 13 years of age. Please contact your Paediatrician to enquire further about this program.

Better Access to Mental Health Initiative
You can access this plan for a variety of mental health diagnoses from your GP. An initial referral of 6 sessions, and up to a maximum of 16 sessions per calendar year under exceptional circumstances.

Private Health Cover
Please contact your insurance provider for further information about rebates under your cover. For more information please click here

Helping Children with Autism - Early Intervention Funding Package
If your child has a diagnosis of Autism or PDD-NOS they may be eligible for up to $12 000 of early intervention funding. This is applicable to psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy.