What are the main areas that a psychologist can help with?

At Kidthink Psychology we work with children only and look at areas that commonly affect the day-to-day lives of children and their families. We will look at aspects including:

Development: We offer assessment and therapy across most areas of child development, including social, emotional, daily living (e.g. eating, dressing, toileting), cognitive/thinking skills and sensory processing skills. We will also provide expertise around developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome.
Behaviour difficulties: We can provide assessment of behaviour and look at the reasons why it is occurring. We are then able to offer targeted recommendations based on these reasons. We use positive behaviour support, which means we encourage skill development in order to change behaviour and do not use or recommend aversive or punitive practices such as smacking or time out.

Emotional Regulation: We are able to offer assessment and therapy around your child's ability to regulate their emotions effectively and using functional means in which to do this. This includes assisting with difficulties such as aggression toward others and anxiety.
Relationships: At Kidthink Psychology we use family centred practice - which means that we understand that your child is just one part of your family.

It is important to us that we look at what is happening in your family during assessment. It may also mean that parents and siblings may also get some homework along the way!