What will be expected of my child and I during sessions?

During the assessment period, the psychologist will ask many questions about the area of concern that you have for your child. This information will be then collated and recommendations for therapy to address these concerns will be made. It is important that you understand that change usually takes time. In some cases, it may take up to six months to see dramatic changes. The change depends on your child's severity of symptoms, frequency of sessions and implementation of strategies between sessions. The sessions will be used to gain a better understanding of you child and to trial strategies. What makes the difference however, is how the strategies are implemented outside of the session. It is important that you complete the homework tasks assigned to you or your child. Strategies also need to be employed consistently across all places that your child visits (e.g. home, school, daycare). It needs to have all people on board, not just a parent, not just your child and by all of those who are involved in your child's care. Please talk to your psychologist if you have concerns regarding progress. It is important that you raise any questions with your psychologist about why you/your child is doing certain activities if you are unsure.